Fitness and Kit Considerations

Don't think that you have to be fantastically fit to join us - we have members of all abilities!  As a minimum however you should have a reasonable base level fitness and not suffer from any condition that may risk injury or accident when swimming, cycling or running.  We do have some basic requirements if you intend participating in our coached sessions (namely with swimming sessions, to be able to swim 400m front crawl however slowly).  Please see training for further information.

Kit requirements are a minimum of a swimming costume, decent running shoes and a road-worthy bike with a safety helmet (you will not be able to ride with the club if you do not have a helmet).  Triathlon can look at times like a sport for the well heeled - fast bikes, loads of kit and a year round sun tan.  It doesn't have to be that way and many use patched up bikes, second hand equipment and yesterday's sports fashion clothing (just check out one of more 'well known' club members in his pink lycra and you'll know what we mean!).  Start with the minimum expense and improve as and when you can afford it and you think you may need to upgrade. 


Greenwich Tritons membership is £35 per calendar year (1st Jan thru 31st Dec) and for an additional £14 you can also secure UKA membership. 

There is also a late season membership fee of £20 if you join the club after 1st September.

If you attend the coached twice-weekly swim sessions, each session is £3 for members and £5 for non-members per session (your introductory swim is free!).  Alternatively you can set up a regular electronic payment to the club for £20 a month.

Membership benefits

  • Coached swim, bike and run session every week.
  • Access to training tips and ideas via coaches, fellow members and online forums.
  • Access to club online forum where you can arrange additional training sessions, ask for advice and join in the general tri banter!
  • Regular club social events (chance to meet like minded people - valuable for people moving to a new area or into a new sport).
  • Club races
  • Discounted bike box rental (just £10 per week).
  • Chance to win a London marathon entry through the club ballot (if you hold an UKA license).

Want to know more and join?

Send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we'll be in touch.  To join online via Paypal click here